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Lesson 15How to manage distributed database connectivity?
ObjectiveExplain how Oracle Network Services Manage Database Connections.

Oracle Net Services Manage Database Connections

This module has presented a large amount of technical information, and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by now. The second course in this series examines in greater detail each of the components discussed here. Let us take a close look now at how Oracle manages incoming connections. When the Oracle listener detects an incoming request, it spawns, or creates, a process on the server.
This process, in turn, connects to the Oracle database. In this fashion, the Oracle listener bequeaths connections and then returns to its duty of listening for incoming database requests.

  1. A request is made in the SQL with a databse link name
  2. The Oracle listener intercepts the incoming request and creates an Oracle session.
  3. This in turn creates a UNIX process to manage the remote connection

Managing Distributed Database Connections
Once the server process is established, it makes a direct connection to the Oracle database using the USER ID and password that were provided in the database link. Again, do not be concerned if this is not yet completely clear. We will return to this topic in greater detail later in the course. The next lesson concludes this module.