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Lesson 4Running the Oracle Installer
ObjectiveUse the Oracle installer to install the Client Software

Run Oracle Installer

Installing the Oracle Net Services client software is relatively straightforward. You simply run setup.exe from the Oracle8 client CD-ROM. The following Slide Show illustrates the steps involved in the installation.

1) Oracle Install 1 2) Oracle Install 2 3) Oracle Install 3 4) Oracle Install 4
Program 1 Program 2 Program 2 Program 2
Oracle Installer
To use the main Oracle installer screen (the final illustration in the oracle-client above), simply select an item (or group of items by Ctrl-clicking). Choose items from the panel on the right and click the Remove button to uninstall them. Choose items from the panel on the left and click the Install button to proceed with the installation. The Oracle installer will then analyze product dependencies and install the desired components.
In most cases you would choose (Oracle Net Services).

For large sites with thousands of PCs, you should never install the Oracle Net Services administrator tools such as SQL*Net Easy or Oracle Net Services Assistant. Such restraint will enable you to maintain uniformity across all PC clients. Having installed the Oracle Net Services client, you still need to create and test a tnsnames.ora file. The next lesson discusses the best strategy for doing so.