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Overview of Oracle Toplogy - Exercise

Overview of Oracle's Topology solution, part 3

Define Oracle Database Links

Objective: Define links and try SQL.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points.Respond to the situation described below.


You are the DBA for a company in Spokane that just acquired an Oracle database in Tokyo. You have learned that the remote database in Tokyo is called FUJI and the main user is NIPPON with the password JAPAN. You have created an entry in your Spokane tnsnames.ora file identifying the FUJI database with the service name FUJI, so you are now ready to define your environment.


  1. Create a public database link called ASIA for all Spokane users that will allow them to access all the tables granted to the NIPPON user at the FUJI database.
  2. Write a SQL statement to display all the contents of the CUSTOMER table in the FUJI database.
  3. Create a mechanism that lets the Spokane user enter select * from customer; to see the CUSTOMER table in Japan.

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