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SQL Net Services - Exercise

Course project, step 1

Objective:Define the TNS for the course project.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 12 points. You will receive up to 3 points for correctly identifying each remote database that needs to participate in the Oracle network and the connections that are required from it to the other databases.

Exercise Background

For the course project, we are going to design a database to serve the needs of a fictional company named ABC Corporation.
ABC Corporation has offices in Albuquerque (ABQ), Colorado Springs (CS), Rochester (ROC), and Raleigh (RDU), with the corporate headquarters in Albuquerque.
ABC has a large manufacturing facility in Rochester, N.Y., and retail sites in Colorado Springs and Raleigh.
The retail sites process orders for the products autonomously from the manufacturing facility.
Corporate headquarters needs to capture daily summary information on the total number of orders at each remote site, and they also want to know the total production volumes for each product at the Rochester plant.
In addition, each of the sales offices needs to check the inventory levels at Rochester to ensure that the inventory for each order is in stock.

Exercise Instructions

Given the diagram below, describe the connectivity that is required to link the databases together, and then justify your answer.
For each location, state the names of the remote locations that the system must be able to connect into.
Type or paste your answers into the text box below.
Then click Submit to submit your answer and view a results page.

ABC Corp offices: 1) CS - Colorado Springs order entry, 2) Rochester (ROC) manufacturing, 3) RDU Raleigh order entry, 4) (ABQ) Albuquerque headquarters