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Net Server-Side Configuration

Defining trace levels for the listener in Oracle

The following instructions outline how to use the Oracle Net Assistant to define the trace levels for the listener.
  1. From the Oracle Oracle Net Assistant, select Profile from the directory tree.
  2. Click the down arrow next to Naming to display the drop-down list.
  3. Select General from the drop-down list. Normally your selection would be highlighted when you rest your mouse cursor on it. For the purposes of this simulation, simply click General.
  4. In the Client Information section, click the down arrow next to Off to display the drop-down list associated with Trace Level.
  5. The drop-down list enables you to specify a level of tracing on the client applicable to different users or situations. OFF disables tracing; USER specifies trace information applicable to users; ADMIN specifies a level of tracing on the client appropriate for database administrators; and SUPPORT specifies trace information applicable to Oracle support staff. Select ADMIN.
  6. Type c:\orawin\network\trace in the Trace Directory field in the Client Information section to specify the directory to which trace files will be written on a client or server. Next, press your Tab key to move to the Trace File field and type oracle.trc to specify the name of the trace file on the client or server. Then select the Unique Trace File Name check box to append a unique identifier to each new trace file created.
  7. At this point, you would choose Save from the File menu to save your configuration. This is the end of the simulation.