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Starting Oracle Listener - Exercise

Describe the functions of the listener

Objective: Understand the internal functions of the listener.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. To receive full credit, you should be able to explain in nontechnical terms (plain English), the security options available for controlling the Oracle Net environment. Your answer should be understandable to a manager who knows nothing about Oracle or Oracle Net.


Imagine that you have been approached by the security manager of your shop, who wants to ensure that the listener remains running and that unauthorized personnel are not allowed to perform listener functions.


Complete the following steps:
Explain, in the form of a short paragraph, how the listener functions can be protected within Oracle and UNIX.
Type the Oracle commands that are used to enforce security.
Identify the UNIX files that require protection, and type the UNIX commands that are used to protect these files.

Submitting the exercise

Type or paste the answers to the questions above into the text box beneath each question. Then click the Submit button below to submit your answers and view a results page. Remember that you must submit all your responses to this exercise at once.