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Lesson 3 What you need
Objective Discover what you need to get the most from this course.

Acces Database Requirements

Required software

In addition to a Web browser, you will need the Microsoft Access 2000 application. Access should already be installed on your PC since this course does not cover the installation process.
If you have Access 2000 you can still work through the course, but be aware that some features are different. We will discuss the major differences for you so you know what to expect.

Optional books

I recommend two books to assist you as you work with Access. One is a quick reference since it gives instructions on how to complete tasks but does not delve much into why or when you might need to do the task. The other is a more complete reference with lots of explanatory text and examples. Each book has an Access 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 version. If you decide to buy a text book, you should buy the version of the book that matches your version of the software.

Recommended Books

The following book is recommended to go along with this course. Access Bible

Course downloads

You will need to download a copy of the Consulting database to work on throughout the course. Additional versions of the database that include the results of the exercises in each module are also available. You may want to download them if you want to check your answers with an actual database (as opposed to an image that I provide on the exercise results pages), or if you somehow wreck your database and do not want to repeat earlier exercises.

Consulting Database - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to proceed with downloading the Consulting database you will need for the course.
Consulting Database - Exercise