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Lesson 2 Getting In and out of an Access database
Objective Open and close an Access database

Opening closing Access Database

Ways to Complete Task
If you have used Windows for any length of time you are probably already familiar with how to open and close a program.
There is more than one way to open an Access database, read on to learn my favorite ways (which are the ones you are likely to use, too).

Starting Access and Opening Database

The Start menu is a popular way to open Access. When you click the Start button and choose Programs>>Microsoft Access you see the Welcome dialog box. Place your mouse over the red highlighted boxes in the image below to learn more about the options available in the Welcome dialog box. As with any dialog box, you can select the option you want by clicking it, then clicking the OK button to perform the action.

  1. The Blank Access database option allows you to name and create a new, blank database.
  2. This option allows you to choose from Access’s templates to create a new database.
  3. Select this option to open an existing database. If the database you want to open is listed, select it. Otherwise select More Files to display the Open dialog box, where you can navigate to an existing database file and open it.
The Blank Access database option allows you to name and create a new, blank database

Open Dialog Box
The Open an Existing Database option is the default option in the Welcome dialog box, to open an existing database select the database name (do not forget you can use the scroll bar to see more names). If the database you want to open is not listed, select More Files. When the Open dialog box is displayed, select the database you want to open and click the Open button (you may need to navigate to a different folder to find the database you need). View the image below to see an example of the Open dialog box.

Open Dialog Box in Microsoft Access

Only one database at a time can be open in Access, so when you open a new database any open database is automatically closed.

Closing Database and closing Access

To close a database, click the Close button on the Database window within the Access window. The Access application will remain open; you can open a new database, or close the application.
To close Access, choose Exit from the Access File menu, or click the Close button in the upper right hand of the Access window.
Close button Graphic

In the next lesson learn to identify the elements of the Access window.

Consulting Database - Exercise

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