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Lesson 4 Entering and editing data in a datasheet
Objective Enter and edit data in a datasheet.

Entering and Editing Data in Datasheet

Entering data

Entering data is a simple process, just move to the new record beneath any existing records and start typing. Press Tab to move to the next field (horizontally) and Enter to move to the next record (vertically). Data is saved when you move to a new record.
Saving Data and Table designs in Access works a bit differently than the programs you may be used to (such as Word and Excel).
Data can also be entered through a form, which you can learn about in Microsoft Access 2016 part2: Working with data. Many of the skills you learn here can also be used with forms.
You may sometimes see a check box in a field rather than a space to enter data – these are fields defined with the Yes/No datatype. Toggle the value of a check box by clicking the check box or pressing the spacebar when the field is selected

Checkbox icon

Editing Access Data

To edit a field, move the cursor to the field and make the changes. If the whole field is selected, press F2 to see the cursor.
Use Cut, Copy, and Paste to enter data more quickly.

Entering editing Data in Datasheet - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to try creating a table and entering data.
Entering editing Data in Datasheet - Exercise