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Lesson 10

Design Access Tables Conclusion

This module discussed how Microsoft Access is a relational database and how to design tables so that your database is useful. The remaining information will become clearer as you work through the rest of the course.
Also, consider what you need to do with Access when you are done with the course. If you are simply using a database someone else created, then most of the material in this module might not be as important for you. If you will be building databases from scratch, you might want to come back to this module when you have finished the course to see if you can absorb more information the second time around.

Terms and concepts

This module introduced you to the following terms and concepts:
  1. Calculations
  2. Criteria
  3. Raw data
  4. Related
In the next module you will get started working! You will learn how to create tables and enter and edit data.


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Course Project Database - Exercise

Try your hand at designing the tables for the course project.
Course Project Database - Exercise