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Lesson 6 Importing data from another application
Objective Import data from another application.

Importing Data from Another Application

If you are switching to Access after keeping your data in another application, you may find the idea of retyping your data rather daunting. Fortunately, you rarely need to retype since you can either copy the data to the clipboard and paste it into Access, or use Access’s nifty import feature In general you will want to use the import feature if you are creating a brand new table from imported data, or if you are importing a lot of data.
You can import data from a variety of sources including other Access databases, and the files created by popular spreadsheet and database applications.

The following Simulation takes you through importing data to create a whole new table. View the image below to see the Excel
Columns consisting of 1) Invoice number, 2)Company, 3)Amount, 4)Date Sent, 5) Check received

spreadsheet that contains the data you want in your Access table:
Import Access Data

Importing Data from Application - Exercise

In this exercise, your database is still short a little data you need to import some additional data from another application.
Importing Data from Application - Exercise