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Lesson 2 Creating a new table with a wizard
Objective Use the Table Wizard to create a table.

Creating new Access Table using the Wizard

The software developers who created Access realize that often people create substantially the same contents for their database. Access provides a couple of ways to automate database building: one way is by using database templates (which were covered in a sidebar in an earlier module). The other way is to use the Table Wizard. Rather than building an entire database for you (as a template does), the Table Wizard enables you to quickly create a table with all the fields properly defined. Of course, once Access has made the table, you can use all the skills you will learn in this module to edit it so that it meets your individual requirements.
The Table Wizard will notcreate every table that you need, but it does have options for many of the more common tables that people create in both business and personal databases.
Ready to try creating a table with the Table Wizard? This Simulation leads you through the process.
Create new Table with Wizard

Resizing a column

The data in this table fits neatly into the column width supplied by Access. This is not always the case. The easiest way to change column width is to double-click the right side of the column header. Here, I’m changing the width of the Start Date column.
Resizing a column
The double headed arrow indicates that you are changing the width of the column.

You can also click and drag to change the width of the column, place the pointer as shown in the image, then click and drag.

Creating New Table with Wizard - Exercise

Click the Exercise link below to create a table using the table wizard.
Creating New Table with Wizard - Exercise
In the next lesson you will be introduced to the datasheet.