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Lesson 6

Access Database Interface Conclusion

This module discussed the Microsoft Access interface and the Database window. You have also learned how to open a database and create a new database using a template. And should you have questions, you know how to use Access online Help to answer them.

Terms and concepts

This module introduced you to the following terms and concepts:
  1. Database
  2. Database window
  3. Status bar
  4. Objects
  5. Table
  6. Querie
  7. Forms
  8. Report
  9. Data
In the next module you will learn more about what a database is, I will introduce some of the terminology you will see throughout the course, and you will learn how to create a database from scratch.

Access Database Review - Quiz

Before we move on, take a multiple-choice quiz to help you determine if you have learned the lessons in this module.
Access Database Review - Quiz