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Lesson 9 Overview of the steps for creating and using an Access database
Objective List the steps involved in creating and using an Access database.

Overview of the Steps for Creating and Using an Access Database

The general steps for creating a database are described in this SlideShow. However, you may find that when you are creating a database you do not complete these steps in exactly this order.

  1. Open a new database: You must save a new database file before you can begin creating database objects.
  2. Design and create tables: Design tables to hold your data.
  3. Tell Access how your tables are related: If you have multiple tables with related data in your database you have to tell Access how the tables are related (This is done with the repetition of a field in two tables).
  4. Create forms to make data entry easier. Forms can provide a more familiar environment to enter data because they're more like the paper forms you may be used to.
  5. Enter you data: You can enter data directly into tables, or use one or more forms to enter data into the underlying tables.
  6. Create queries to give you the information you need: Once you have data in your database you may want to look at subset of the complete database.
  7. Create reports to display data and summarized data on paper.

Steps Required To Build Database
Review what you have learned in this module and try your hand at a database design.

Steps For Creating Using Access Database

Let us practice the order of the database creation steps with this exercise.
Steps For Creating Access Database