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Lesson 4 Course project
Objective Describe the guidelines for the course project.
Throughout this course you will have the opportunity to work on the course project. The course project is a database you will build yourself. We will help you out a little, you will not have to enter all the data yourself, but you will create tables, put data in them, and define the relationships between the tables.

Course Project Scenario

The course project is based on this scenario:
You are a technical writer doing contract writing for the marketing and documentation departments of companies in the software and networking business. You have two large clients named
  1. Network Consultants, Inc., a network consulting company, and
  2. Dynamic Solutions, a start-up software development company currently building a word processing application.

You are juggling many projects and you find that you need to keep better track of your clients and the projects you do for them. After some research, you decide that the best way to address this problem is by building an Access database. In addition to tracking the work you do, the Access database will enable you to do analysis. For instance; you will be able to create a list of the work done in the last month.
If you have not completed the course download exercise from the “What you need” lesson, you should download a copy of the Consulting Database now by going to the Resources area and double-clicking Consulting_02.mdb in the course project download section.