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Lesson 8 Create an Access database from scratch
Objective Create a blank Access database.

Create an Access Database from Scratch

Creating a database is a little different than creating a spreadsheet or a word processing document. When you create a database, the first step is to save the file, this creates the foundation on which to build your database. Only after you have saved a file can you begin building the database by creating tables and entering data. You can create a blank database by using a template.
or one of the following methods:
  1. Open Access. Choose the Blank Database option on the initial dialog box and click OK.
  2. If Access is already open, click the Open button on the toolbar, press Ctrl+N or choose File>>New from the menu. Click the Database icon and then click OK.

Once you choose to create a new database, you see the File New Database dialog box. Give the database a name (and you might also want to specify a folder) and click Create. Access will automatically add the .mdb extension to the filename you provide. This is the process for creating a blank database.

A blank database with icons to help create tables
A blank database with icons to help create tables

Create Access Database from Scratch - Exercise

Ready to try it? In this exercise, create the database for your course project.
Create Access Database from Scratch - Exercise