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Lesson 3 Navigating a datasheet
Objective Move around within a datasheet.

Navigating Access Datasheet

Once you have created your table, either with the Table Wizard or using Datasheet view-, you are ready to enter data. First, let us take a look at the navigational features of a datasheet. To move to a new record you can either click the mouse where you want to enter data (the row marked with the asterisk), or you can click one of the new record buttons.
There is a new record button at the bottom of the datasheet that looks like this
New Record Button

and one on the toolbar that looks like this
Access New

The following MouseOver points out many of the key features of a datasheet, including the New Record button.
  1. Active record indicator: Indicates the record the cursor is in.
  2. New record indicator: Indicates a new record where you can enter data.
  3. The first record button goes to and highlights the first record in the table.
  4. The Previous record button goes to and highlights the record above (before) the current record
  5. Specific record number entry field: You can enter a record number here to make that record the active record.
  6. This active record number indicates the current, active record.
  7. The Next record button goes to and highlights the record below (after) the current record
  8. The Last record button goes to and highlights the last record in the table.
  9. Use the New record button to go to the new record at the bottom of the table.

Access Database
Navigating Data Sheet

Key Where it puts the cursor
PgUp Up one screen
PgDn Down one screen
Ctrl-PgUp Left one screen
Ctrl-PgDn Right one screen
Tab Next field
Shift-Tab Previous field
Home First field of the active record
End Last field of the active record
Up arrow Previous record

You can move around the datasheet using the mouse or the keyboard. Click the View Table button to view a quick reference table of the keyboard shortcuts
In the next lesson you will learn about entering and editing data in a datasheet.