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Lesson 5 Using the Database window to navigate a database
Objective View objects in a database by using the Database window.

Using Database Window to navigate Access

The database window is the table of contents for the database—it allows you to see lists of the different types of objects in the database, and open those objects in the views available for that type of object. In addition, the Database window provides icons and buttons for you to use to create new objects.
The Objects bar on the Database window allows you to choose which type of Access object is listed in the Database window. For instance, if you click the Tables button you see a list of tables in the database, and likewise for the Queries, Forms, and Reports buttons. Once you have chosen the type of object by clicking the appropriate button in the Object bar, the easiest way to view the object is to double-click the object name in the Database window.
Navigating the database An object window may take up only part of the Access window, or it may be maximized to fill the Access window.

  1. Use the maximize button
    maximize button
    maximize button
  2. and the restore button
    Restore Button buttons to switch between the two options.
  3. You can minimize a window by using the minimize button minimize button.
  4. To close an object window click the window’s close button closebutton.

Use the following simulation to open and close objects in a database.
Opening Closing Database Objects

Navigating among open windows

Once you have used the Database window to open objects you may find that you have multiple windows open within Access. You can navigate among open windows in the following ways:
  1. Click the window you want to use if any part of it is visible.
  2. Use the Window menu to see a list of open windows. Click on the window you want to use.
The next lesson concludes this module. Review the new terminology we’ve covered, and take a quiz on the information you have learned.