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Consulting Database - Exercise

Getting in and out of an Access database - Exercise

Open Access and the Consulting Database

Objective: Open Access and the Consulting database.
This exercise is worth 2 points. The exercise is auto-scored, which means that all you have to do to receive credit for it is click the Submit button below. Place the Consulting_02 database in the My Documents (Windows 7 or 10) folder on your hard drive. These folders are normally Access's default save folder, which makes the database easy to find in the Open dialog box. If you have not yet downloaded the file, please return to the Module 1 Lesson, "What you need" and download it. Once you have moved the file follow these steps to complete the exercise:
  1. Open Access by choosing Start>>Programs>>Microsoft Access.
  2. Open an Existing Database should be selected, Click OK to display the Open dialog box.
  3. If the contents of the My Documents or the Personal folder is not displayed, navigate to the folder.
  4. Select the Consulting database (Consulting.mdb) and click the Open button to open the database.
  5. Examine the toolbar--if you hold the pointer over a button, the name of the button appears in a tooltip. If you like, take some time while you are here to play with some of the buttons and menu options, you cannot hurt anything, and you may learn something.
  6. Close the database by using the close button on the Database window.
  7. Choose File>>Exit to Close Access.