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Importing Data from Another Application - Exercise

Import data to an existing Access Table

Objective: Import data to an existing table.

Exercise Scoring

You will receive 5 points for this exercise. The exercise is auto-scored, which means all you need to do to receive full credit for the exercise is click the Submit button.


In this exercise you are going to import data into the Consulting database. The database so far has two tables:
  1. Clients, which you entered data into, and
  2. Projects, which has only one record of data.

Rather than entering data into the Projects table, you are going to import it using the Get External Data feature in Access. The data for the table is in an Excel spreadsheet called Projects.xls available for download from the Resources page. Even if you do not have the Excel application on your computer, you will be able to import this data.
The Simulation in this lesson had you import data from an Excel spreadsheet into a brand new table. In this exercise you will import the data into an existing table. The third window of the wizard gives you this option and provides a drop-down list where you select the name of the existing table. Once you have completed that, you get to skip a few steps that are only relevant when you are creating a new table.


Here is what you need to do:
  1. Download Projects.xls, if you have not already.
  2. Open your Consulting database.
  3. Choose File>>Get External Data>>Import from the menu.
  4. Import the data in Projects.xls to the Projects table in the database.