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Lesson 9

Oracle Maintenance Activities Conclusion

This module discussed the last few maintenance activities that you should know before you start backing up your database.
Now that you have completed this module, you should be able to:
  1. Add information to the recovery catalog
  2. Re-create your recovery catalog
  3. Use the report command
  4. Use the list command
  5. Create and use stored scripts
  6. Use the run command
  7. Use the Oracle-supplied data dictionary views . We have purposely not spent much time on the complete syntax for stored scripts. This will be covered in greater detail as you write scripts for your backup operations. The report and list commands will become your primary method to monitor your recovery catalog. You will learn the complete syntax for stored scripts as you begin to write scripts for your backup operations. The best source for information on stored scripts is in the Oracle8 documentation and samples from your peers.
In the next module, you will learn about making backup sets and image copies with RMAN.

Re-Creating the Recovery Catalog

If the recovery catalog database is lost or damaged, and recovery of the recovery catalog database through the normal Oracle recovery mechanisms is not possible, then you must re-create the catalog.
You have two options for partially re-creating the contents of the old catalog:
  1. Issue catalog commands to re-catalog archived redo logs, backup control files, and datafile copies.
  2. Use the resync catalog from controlfilecopy command to extract information from a backup control file and rebuild the recovery catalog from it.
You can re-create information about backup sets only by using the resync catalog from controlfilecopy command, because the catalog command does not support re-cataloging of backup pieces or backup sets. RMAN does not verify that the files being re-cataloged still exist, so the resynchronization may add records for files that no longer exist. Remove such records by issuing
change ... crosscheck
or crosscheck backup commands.

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