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How to create Backup Set - Exercise

Objective:Test your knowledge of terms relating to back up sets.


This is an unscored exercise. When you have completed the exercise, click the Submit button to receive full credit.

Background Overview

The following list contains some of the terms used in this module on the left, with descriptions of these terms on the right. Match the appropriate term with its description.


In the left column below are eight terms; corresponding definitions appear in the right column. Click once on a term in the left column, then click once on a definition in the right column to make a match. When you think you have all the terms and their definitions matched correctly, click the Submit button, and you'll see whether or not you have matched the terms correctly, green lines mean the match is correct, red lines mean the match is incorrect. If you didn't get the matches right the first time, click Clear to erase your matches and try again.
  1. Backup set
  2. Backup piece
  3. filesperset
  4. allocate
  5. Archive log backup set
  6. Data file backup set
  7. Skip
  8. FORMAT 'format'
  1. Created by Recovery Manager.
  2. The individual files created by a backup.
  3. Used to limit multiplexing.
  4. Used to specify the potential for parallelism.
  5. Can use FROM and UNTIL options.
  6. Can use absolute file numbers.
  7. Can use the READONLY option
  8. Can be used with the allocate command.