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Managing tnsnames.ora File - Exercise

Managing the tnsnames.ora file on a network

Managing Large Installations

Objective: Describe the importance of a centralized tnsnames.ora file.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 10 points. To receive full credit, you will need to outline in a short paragraph the solution to the problem presented below.


Your CIO has just purchased Oracle Net Services and Oracle for a site that will include1,000+ PCs that will connect remotely to an Oracle database. Part of the rollout will be the installation and configuration of the 1,000 PCs, and the CIO wants you to tell the PC technician what components should be installed and how they will be maintained.


Prepare a short paragraph detailing which Oracle Net Services components should be installed (and which components should not be installed), and describe how the PCs will be maintained as the Oracle server environment changes.

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