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Lesson 1

Monitoring and Maintaining SQL-Server Databases

Monitoring Databases
Another task of a SQL Server administrator is to monitor and maintain databases. You monitor and maintain databases for three reasons:
  1. Keep track of a database’s size
  2. Make sure that the database is healthy
  3. Keep performance consistent

Learning objectives

By the time you complete this module, you should be able to:
  1. Monitor the size of a database
  2. Monitor the size of a database with SQL-EM
  3. Use dbcc to monitor databases
  4. Monitor the consistency of individual tables
  5. Perform the miscellaneous database monitoring with dbcc
  6. Monitor the transaction log
  7. Maintain statistics
  8. View statistics information
  9. Run sqlmaint.exe
  10. Use the Database Maintenance plan Wizard
The next lesson will cover how databases free space.