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Lesson 3Monitoring connections with SQL-EM
Objective Use SQL-EM to monitor Connections.

Monitoring Connections with SQL-EM

Using SQL-EM to monitor Connections

In addition to the sp_who procedure, the SQL-EM process monitor can also be used to monitor connections. It displays a much more detailed level of information than the sp_who stored procedure does.
To get to the Process Info display, you must follow these steps from inside SQL-EM:
  1. Select the server group
  2. Select the server
  3. Select Management
  4. Select Current Activity
  5. Select Process Info

The following Slide Show illustrates the SQL-EM process monitor screen.
Note that this screen is too large to show the entire thing on one page, so the SlideShow simulates scrolling across the screen from left to right.

Monitoring SQL em Processes

When monitoring processes with SQL-EM, you can double-click a process and see the last command that the process executed. Click the View Image button to see an example. If you hit the Kill button it will terminate the process. You can also terminate processes with the Kill command. The next lesson covers how to view locked resources.

sp_who Quiz

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