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Lesson 1

Introduction to Importing and Exporting Data in SQL-Server

Data Loading Extracting
As you might expect, when you create a new database, it does not contain any data. In most cases, your application will require some data to be in the database before you can even begin to use it.
One of the jobs of a SQL Server Database Administrator is to load data into a database and extract data from the database. Often times a system you will also need to perform a periodic data load to maintain the data that is needed for it to run. Alternately, you will need to perform data extracts, so you can archive old data out of the system to maintain the system’s performance.
The first module in this course will show you multiple ways of
  1. loading data into a newly created database, as well as
  2. extracting data from existing databases.
By the time you complete this module, you should be able to:

Learning objectives

  1. Load data with the insert statement
  2. Load data with the select into statement
  3. Use the bulk insert statement
  4. Use the bcp program
  5. Identify key features of Data Transformation Services
  6. Use DTS Designer to create a package.
  7. Create, schedule, and run DTS packages
  8. Identify key features of DTS Wizard
  9. Run the DTS Wizard
The next lesson will cover loading data with the insert statement.