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Using SQL Server Profiler - Exercise

Objective:Analyze a trace.

Exercise Scoring

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Background and Overview

As the system administrator for the XYZ Rental Car Corporation, part of your job is to monitor SQL Server to find out if there are any performance issues. A trace has been defined that will track some of the trace columns. You will need to analyze the trace to address specific performance problems.


View the image below to examine a trace and answer the questions below:
Trace exercise

What SQL Statement can you use to find out the answers to the following questions.
  1. What SQL user takes the longest time for a single query and what is the length of time?
  2. What is the most amount of cpu that a command took and who did it?
  3. What SQL user takes the most I/O for a query and how much I/O did that user take?

Submitting your Exercise

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