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Lesson 3 SQL configuration monitoring resources
Objective What you need to take this course.

SQL Configuration Monitoring Requirements

Platform support

This course supports the following operating systems:
  1. Windows 2016
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux


You may wish to acquire or obtain access to a copy of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or 2016

Compression Software

You will need to decompress the software for this course because the course resources are in a compressed format. Course resources will be discussed in the next section.

Configure Database Engine Instances (SQL Server)

Each instance of the Database Engine must be configured to meet the performance and availability requirements defined for the databases hosted by the instance. The Database Engine includes configuration options that control behaviors such as resource usage and the availability of features such as auditing or trigger recursion.

Instance Configuration

When a database is deployed into production there is often a service level agreement (SLA) defining areas such as the levels of performance required from the database and the required availability level of the database. The terms of the SLA typically drive configuration requirements for the instance. An instance is usually configured immediately after it has been installed. The initial configuration is usually determined by the SLA requirements of the types of databases planned to be deployed to the instance. After the databases have been deployed, the database administrators monitor the performance of the instance and adjust the configuration settings as needed if the performance metrics show the instance is not meeting the SLA requirements.