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Lesson 10 Running the DTS Wizard
Objective Run the DTS Wizard.

Running the DTS Wizard in SQL-Server

Like most of the administration features of SQL Server, there are multiple ways to start the Data Transformation Wizard. The simplest way to start the wizard is to:
Running DTS Wizard
  1. Go to the start menu.
  2. Locate the Microsoft SQL Server 2000 menu.
  3. Select Import and Export Data. This will bring up the initial screen of the DTS Wizard.
    Click the View Slide Show link to see a SlideShow that will illustrate the functions of the wizard.

Importing or Exporting Data

When importing or exporting data, SQL Server can be either the source, the destination, or both.

Microsoft and SQL-EM

Microsoft and SQL-EM documentation both mention Import and Export Wizards, but there is actually only one wizard.
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The DTS Wizard is a streamlined interface solely to generate DTS packages for importing or exporting of data. However, you will find that it is really quite powerful and provides an easy but sophisticated way to move data from or to any OLE DB, ODBC, or text source to another OLE DB, ODBC, or text source. You can also define simple or complex data transformations using the many options provided by the wizard or, for more complex transformations, using an ActiveX script written in VBScript or JScript from within the wizard. You can also copy database schema, but the transfer of all other database objects, such as indexes, constraints, users, permissions, stored procedures, and so on, is only supported between SQL Server 2012 and above SQL Servers.
The DTS Wizard (whether an Export or Import is selected) takes the user through five basic steps: