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Lesson 4 Relational Database Course Project
Objective Elements of relational database course project

Relational Database Course Project

For the remainder of the course, I want you to imagine that you have been hired by a company called Stories on CD, Inc. to consult on the design of a relational database that will enable the company to
  1. store and
  2. retrieve
information about its business transactions.
To fulfill your obligation to the company, you need to accomplish a number of steps involving
  1. analyzing their business structure,
  2. their needs,
  3. and the best way to organize and store the data to ensure its most efficient retrieval.

This course includes a number of hands-on exercises that enable you to complete these steps incrementally, applying what you learn in the lessons to a real-world situation.
These exercises culminate in the completion of an entity-relationship (ER) diagram and completing the conceptual phase of database design. The image below to shows the diagram that will be created.

ER diagram consisting of CUSTOMER, ORDER, LINEITEM, DISTRIBUTOR, and CD tables.
ER diagram consisting of CUSTOMER, ORDER, LINEITEM, DISTRIBUTOR, and CD tables.

This concludes the first module of the course. In the next module I will discuss the relational database model and how to describe the structure of a relational database. This material may be a review for many of you and is necessary to establish common terminology.

RelationalDB Course Project

Before moving on to the next module, click the RelationalDB Course Project link below to download the case study on which the course project is based.
RelationalDB Course Project

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