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Relational Database Structure Terminology - Quiz

Each question is worth one point. Select the best answer or answers for each question.
1. What does a table store specific data about?
Please select the best answer.
  A. A column
  B. A subject
  C. A field
  D. A record

2. Which of the following are required to link two tables?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Matching records
  B. Matching fields
  C. Matching columns
  D. Matching subjects

3. Which of the following statements correctly describes SQL?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. SQL is a data distribution language (DDL).
  B. SQL is the common language of relational databases.
  C. Syntax is uniform across all SQL dialects.
  D. SQL is a data manipulation language (DML).

4. Which of the following functions of an RDBMS are related to its SQL component?
Please select all the correct answers.
  A. Modifies a relational database
  B. Maintains a relational database
  C. Creates applications for a relational database
  D. Manipulates a relational database