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Relational Database Management System - Exercise

What are the functions of a Relational Database Management System?

Objective: List the functions of an RDBMS.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of two points. When you have listed the 5 functions of an RDBMS, click the Submit button to receive credit for having completed the exercise and view a results page.


The previous lesson summarized the principal functions of an RDBMS.
This exercise gives you a chance to reinforce what you have learned.


List the major functions of an RDBMS, and place an asterisk (*) after those that use a SQL component.


An RDBMS has five major functions.

Submitting your exercise

This exercise asks you to list the five major functions of a relational database management system. When you have answered the question, click the Submit button for completing the exercise and view a results page.