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Identify Business Objects - Exercise

Business Objects and their Characteristics

Objective: Identify business objects and their characteristics.

Exercise scoring

This exercise is worth of total of 10 points. You will receive up to five points for each correctly completed task described below.


In the previous lesson, you learned about business objects and their characteristics. You also learned that a major task of the database designer is to examine an organization's existing database(s) as the starting point in needs analysis. This exercise gives you the opportunity to test your ability to perform that task.


This exercise requires a copy of the sample case study. If you have not downloaded it already, click the following link to download the case study.
ERD Case Study


Assuming the role of database designer, you begin your analysis by examining the data-entry form from Stories on CD, Inc. Your task is twofold:
  1. Identify three business objects associated with the form
  2. List two characteristics for each business object you find

Hints on Submitting your Exercise

As you examine the data-entry form looking for business objects and their characteristics, consider the form itself. Type or paste your responses to the tasks described above into the text box below. Then click Submit to submit your responses and view a results page.