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Accommodating Client - Exercise

Users revisited

Objective: Revise the ER diagram to account for a new or changed business rule.

Exercise scoring

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Background and Overview

In the preceding lesson, you learned that a completed ER diagram should be reviewed with end users in order to make any necessary modifications. In this exercise, you will revise the ER diagram for the Stories on CD database to accommodate the client's revised business rules.


Assume you have reviewed the completed ER diagram with Ted and Lisa of Stories on CD, Inc. They are pleased with your work, but want to make an adjustment to the relationship between the CD and DISTRIBUTOR entities. Specifically, they do not want to store potential distributors in their database. Instead, they want to make sure that every distributor is associated with at least one CD.
The original one-to-many relationship diagrammed for CD:DISTRIBUTOR gave CD an optional status in the relationship. The restated business rule requires a revision to the ER diagram regarding the participation status of CD from optional to mandatory. Make the adjustment to your ER diagram.

Submitting your Exercise

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