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Taking advantage of data types

Data types available

Types of numbers which can be used with each Field Length entry
Types of numbers which can be used with each Field Length entry

1) Text Handles strings that contain less than 256 characters. Used for data containing alphanumeric characters such as names, addresses, zip codes. Also used for numbers such as phone numbers that don’t require calculations.
2) Memo
Used for text values greater than 256 characters. This would mainly be used for large strings such as comments and long descriptions.
3) Number
Used for numbers that require calculations.
4) Date/Time
Used for date and time values.
5) Currency
Used for currency values and calculated values with one to four decimal places.
6) AutoNumber
Either a sequential or a random number generated by Access for the purpose of creating a unique value in a record.
7) Yes/No
Contains one of two values from the following choices: Yes/No, True/False, or On/Off
8) OLE object
An object linked or embedded in an Access table. This could be an Excel spreadsheet, Word document, or other type of binary data.
9) Hyperlink
Text or a combination of numbers and text used as a hyperlink address.
10) Lookup Wizard
This sets the data type, based on the data used when you create the list box or combo box used for looking up values in another table.