l Use Option Group Wizard (to create Option Group Control)

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Lesson 3Working with Option Groups
ObjectiveUse the Option Group Wizard to create an Option Group Control.

Use the Option Group Wizard to create an Option Group Control

When you have a few options to choose from and want to display them all on the form, you can do so by using an Option Group control
Option Group control
Option Group control

Controls used with the Option Group control

The Option Group control can work with one of three controls:
  1. Toggle button | Toggle button: This control will move you between the choices you make from the option group, with the option chosen suppressed:
  2. Option button | Option button: Also known as a radio button, this presents a round button, with the center filled in when an option is chosen.
  3. Checkbox | Checkbox: Just as it sounds, a checkmark is placed in the option chosen.

All these controls are found in the Form and Report Design toolboxes. They can be used with the Option Group control and by themselves as well.

Using the wizard

Although you can add an Option Group control by simply dragging it from the toolbox, it is a good idea to let the Option Group Wizard walk you through. The way to get to this wizard is to insert an Option Group control on a form, with the Wizards button
Wizards button
Wizards button

toggled to On.

Question: Does Microsoft Access still use the "Option Group Wizard" to create an "Option Group Control"?
No, Microsoft Access no longer uses the "Option Group Wizard" to create an "Option Group Control". The Option Group Wizard was a feature in older versions of Microsoft Access, but it was removed in later versions. To create an Option Group Control in Microsoft Access, you can now use the "Option Group" control from the "Controls" group on the "Design" tab of the ribbon.

Option Group and Option Button

The option group is a rectangular container that holds one or more option buttons. The form user can select just one of these option buttons at a time.
This is another way of displaying information and letting the user pick from a specific group of data. Using a combo box or list box gives more flexibility, however, because you would have to modify the Option Group control to add another choice, and with combo boxes you just add the choice to the row source. In the next lesson, you will learn how to create a Subform control to display data from a related table.

Option Group Controls-Quiz

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