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Lesson 9

Access Forms Controls Conclusion

Access forms are very powerful. You can accomplish just about anything with the controls provided by Access.
This module discussed some of the Microsoft Access controls available for your use.
You learned to:
  1. Work with controls that display data from other record sources
  2. Use the Option Group Wizard to create an Option Group control.
  3. Create a Subform control to display data from a related table
  4. Use Access’s Tab control to create a simple multipage form
  5. Use the Chart Wizard to add a chart to a form
  6. Use ActiveX controls
  7. Add the Calendar control to a form, binding it to a data source

Access Forms

You will want to take what you have learned here and practice it over and over. By getting comfortable with the controls as discussed in this module, you will have far more control over your forms than your peers who have not worked with controls.

Working With Various Controls - Quiz

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Working With Various Controls - Quiz