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Creating action queries

Viewing results without running Queries

In the lesson, you were told to create a Select query and test the results before making it into the action query you ultimately want to create. Once you have created the action query, if you have to change part of it enough to want to test it again, you can do so.
To test an action query without changing it back into a Select query, just click the View toolbar button

View toolbar button
View toolbar button
Access will then display the affected records and fields included in the query. This will save you a lot of problems, especially when viewing the records affected by a Delete query.

Action Queries

As with Access 2010 web databases, there are no action queries.Later you will learn about data macros, which allow you to insert, update, or edit records. If you have to perform regular bulk operations where performance will matter, consider using an Access client database to perform those bulk operations instead. You will later learn about using external connections to the SQL Server database for your web app database with an Access client database or SQL Server Management Studio.
It is unlikely that people using web browsers, and especially those working on a mobile device, will need to work with bulk processes. Even if they needed to do so, it would be too cumbersome to do it in the browser. The capability to perform bulk operations is one of the primary reasons we think you will appreciate the ability to connect to the SQL Server database directly from a client database.