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Second Normal Form - Exercise

What needs to be done to achieve 2NF

Objective: Put relations into second normal form.

Background and Overview

In this exercise, you have been handed a second draft of the database design for Stories on CD, written as a single relation. Your job is to identify the correct relations, identify the functional dependencies, and write those dependencies down in the proper notation. For simplicity, assume that each order contains only one CD and that each CD is only available from a single distributor.


Working with the relations below, complete the following tasks:
  1. Ensure the relation is in 1NF by identifying repeating groups and breaking them out into their own relations.
  2. Identify the functional dependencies in the relation.
  3. Use the functional dependencies to construct new relations.

CD (CDNo, Title, Price, CategoryNo, CategoryName, 
DistID, OrderNo, OrderDate, OrderCost, Received)
Distributor (DistID, DistName)


  1. The normalization will result in three relations.
  2. Some fields should be included in more than one relation to link the relations.

Submitting your Exercise

Type or paste your responses to the tasks above into the text box below, then click Submit.