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Achieve Third Normal Form - Exercise

Objective: Translate relations into Third Normal Form

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of 18 points. You will receive up to two points for identifying which normal form (if any) each relation is in, and up to four points for correctly constructing 3NF relations from the relation in the exercise.


In this exercise you are given a number of relations that will be used in several databases for Stories on CD, Inc. Your job is to determine which relations are not in 3NF and to take the necessary steps to put them in 3NF.


If necessary, translate the following relations into 3NF.
  1. MusicCD (MusicID, Title, Artist, GenreName, GenreContact)
  2. Report (ReportID, Title, Author1, Author2, DepartmentName, DepartmentContact)
  3. OrderItem (OrderNo, ItemNo, Quantity, Discount, SellingPrice, LineCost, Shipped)

Submitting your exercise

Type or paste the normalized relations into the text box below, then click Submit and view the results page.