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International Issues - Exercise

Objective:Identify project elements that ignore international issues.

Exercise Scoring

This exercise is worth a total of eight points. You will receive up to two points for correctly identifying each field in the four relations below that may need to be modified to accommodate the following scenario.

Background and Overview

As part of the course project, you normalized a single table into four smaller, more efficient tables. Since Stories on CD plans to offer CDs in languages other than English and to purchase CDs from distributors outside the U.S., the owners have asked you to identify which fields may require attention with regard to international issues.


Following are four relations from the course project database:
  1. CD (CDNo, Title, DistID, Price, CategoryNo)
  2. Distributor (DistID, DistName, DistStreet, DistSuite, DistCity, DistState, DistZip, DistPhone)
  3. Order (OrderNo, OrderDate, CDNo, OrderCost, Received)
  4. Category (CategoryNo, CategoryName)
Identify at least four fields from these relations that may need to be modified to accommodate data representing business objects from outside the U.S.

Submitting your exercise

Type or paste the names of the four fields into the text box below, then click Submit button to submit them and view a results page.