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AutoFormats in Access

Access has a number of AutoFormats that you can use to format your form. The formats such as Industrial and Standard that you see in the Form Wizard are the formats that you have available.
Here is how to use AutoFormats:
  1. Select the control(s) you want to format. You can select all the controls in the form by clicking the top-left corner, a gray box, of the design grid.
    This box is on the same row as the horizontal ruler. You can select just a section of the form (such as the Detail section) by clicking the section bar.
  2. Click the AutoFormat button
    AutoFormat button
    AutoFormat button

    to display the AutoFormats available.
  3. Select an AutoFormat and you will see a sample of the format on the right of the dialog box.
  4. Click OK to apply the AutoFormat to the selected controls.