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Lesson 14 Create calculated controls
Objective Create a calculated control on a form.

Create calculated Controls in Access

Access Aggregate Calculations
You can create a calculated control on a report, but in general the place to create calculations is in a query or in a report form. The result of a calculation in a query can easily be displayed in a form if the query is used as the basis for the form.
To create a calculated control, you need to do two things:
  1. Create the new control.
  2. Type in the expression for the calculation.
The following SlideShow takes you through the process.

1) Running Programs 1 2) Running Programs 2 3) Running Programs 3 4) Running Programs 4 5) Running Programs 5 6) Running Programs 6

Program 1 Program 2 Program 3 Program 4 Program 5 Program 6
Add Access Calculated Control
The module wrap-up will review terms and concepts used in this module.

Create Calculated Controls - Exercise

Add a calculated control to the Hours Subform in this exercise.
Create Calculated Controls - Exercise