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Lesson 7

Single Table Access Conclusion

This module discussed how to find the data you need when it resides in a single table.

Terms and concepts

This module introduced you to the following key terms and concepts:
  1. Filter
  2. Filter by Form
  3. Filter by Selection
  4. Filter For
  5. Find: Search for text or values.
  6. Sort: The sorting process involves putting records in order. Usually you will sort using one field, and you may sort in ascending or descending order.

You can enter a specific value or choose to use wildcard characters. Table 2.7 lists the wildcard characters available in the Find dialog box.
Table 2.7 Wildcard characters
Table 2.7 Wildcard characters

You can combine wildcard characters for more robust searches. For example, 196[!2.8] will find 1961 and 1969, but nothing in between. The Match drop-down list contains three choices:
  1. Any Part of Field: If you select Any Part of Field, Access searches to see whether the value is contained anywhere in the field. This search finds Ford anywhere in the field, including values like Ford Mustang, 2008 Ford F-150, and Ford Galaxy 500.
  2. Whole Field: The default is Whole Field, which finds fields containing exactly what you have entered. For example, the Whole Field option finds Ford only if the value in the field being searched is exactly Ford, and nothing else.
  3. Start of Field: A search for Ford using the Start of Field option searches from the beginning of the field and returns all the rows containing Ford as the first four characters of the description.

Apply Filters Sorts to Database - Exercise

Put your data to the test by filtering the Consulting database.
Apply Filters Sorts to Database - Exercise