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Lesson 2 What is a form?
Objective Describe the uses of a form.

What type of object is an Access Form?

Question: What type of object are Forms in Microsoft Access ?
In Microsoft Access, Forms are considered to be database objects. They are used to present data from one or more tables or queries in a user-friendly and customizable format. Forms can be used for data entry, editing, viewing, filtering, and sorting, and can include interactive elements such as buttons and dropdown menus. Forms in Access can be created from scratch or by using pre-built templates, and can be designed using a graphical interface that allows for easy customization of the form's layout, formatting, and data source. Forms in Access are typically associated with a specific table or query, and can be used to view and edit records from that table or query. They can also be used to display data from multiple tables or queries using various types of joins and relationships. In summary, Forms in Microsoft Access are a type of database object that provide a user-friendly interface for working with data in an Access database. They can be customized to suit specific data entry and reporting needs, and are an important tool for managing and analyzing data in Access.
Forms are the third of the four main Access objects. The four main access objects are
  1. tables,
  2. queries,
  3. forms, and
  4. reports.
Forms are a useful supplement to tables. While tables store and display data, you might find it difficult to view all the data in one record if you have many fields or if the data stored is lengthy. And there is just no getting around the fact that tables are not very attractive. Forms serve many of the same uses as tables, they display data for editing and they enable you to enter new data.
Forms are extremely useful for entering and editing related data that is stored in different tables. Using a form lets you display related records together. Here is an example of a simple form that can be used to enter and edit data.

Microsoft Access - [Projects]
Microsoft Access - [Projects]

In the next lesson, create an AutoForm from one table.