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Lesson 5 Entering and editing data
Objective Enter and edit data in a form.

Entering Editing Data in Access

Forms are often used to enter data because they provide a familiar look to people who have recently switched from paper-based data to electronic data. You can design a form to display all the information that needs to be entered in one place. When you enter or edit data in a form, you are changing or adding data to the underlying table.

Editing data

To edit data, find the record you want to edit, place the cursor in the field you want to edit, and then use the keyboard to make changes (use Delete and Backspace to delete unnecessary characters).

Entering data

Enter new data by clicking the New Record button to display an empty record. Then enter data. Press Tab or Enter to move from one field to another. If you are entering multiple records, press Tab or Enter to go to the next record when you are in the last field.
The settings that exist for each field in the table design view will also apply here. For instance, Access will not let you enter a number in a date field, and input masks and drop-down lists are also in effect in a form.
In the next lesson, create a form using the Form Wizard.

Entering Editing Data - Exercise

Use this exercise to create a form and enter data.
Entering Editing Data - Exercise