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Lesson 3 Open a query
Objective Explain how to create or open a query from the database window.

Query Access Database Window

You can create a new query, or open an existing one from the Queries view in the database window.

The figure above describes Tables, Queries, Forms, Reports, Pages and Macros.

Creating a new query

You can create a new query by:
  1. Double-clicking on the “Create query in Design view” option
  2. Double-clicking on the “Create query by using wizard” option

Opening Existing Access Query

You can open a query in the following ways:
  1. Double-click the query name to open the query in Datasheet view. (You can always click the View button to see Design view.)
  2. Select the query and click the Design button on the database window toolbar to open the query in Design view.
  3. Right-click the query name and choose Open or Design view to see the query in Datasheet or Design view, respectively.

You will learn how to create and open a query using all of the above options.
In the next lesson, you will create a query with the Simple Query Wizard.