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Lesson 6 Creating mailing labels
Objective Use the Label Wizard to create mailing labels.

Access Mailing Labels

Access has a built in feature to create mailing labels easily. It is called the Label Wizard because this wizard requires key strokes, we will go through it in a SlideShow rather than a Simulation.

View the Slide Show below to learn more about mailing labels in Access.

In the next lesson, learn about the features of the Report Design view.

Creating Mailing Labels - Exercise

Use this exercise to practice creating mailing labels from the Clients list.
Creating Mailing Labels - Exercise

Mailing label reports

Mailing labels (shown in Figure 5.6) are also a type of report. Access includes a Label Wizard to help you create this type of report. The Label Wizard enables you to select from a long list of label styles. Access accurately creates a report design based on the label style you select. You can then open the report in Design mode and customize it as needed.

Figure 5.6: rptCustomerMailingLabels, a typical mailing label report.