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Lesson 7 Saving a query design
ObjectiveIdentify the ways to save a query design.

Saving Query Design

Access makes it difficult for you not to save any object you have changed, and queries are no exception. If you close an object you have changed, Access will ask you if you want to save changes.

Saving new Access Query

When you close a new query, whether from the datasheet view or the Design view, Access asks you if you want to save changes.

Access Save
Access Save

If you answer Yes, you see the Save As dialog box, where you can provide a new name for the query. Click OK or press Enter to save the query.
Save As
Save As

Saving changes to an old query

When you make changes to an old query and then close it, Access will ask you if you want to save changes.
Save Database
Save Database

Simply choose Yes to save changes.
If you are making many changes you may want to save the query before you close it. Click the Save button on the toolbar.
Save Button
Save Button

Occasionally you may want to use one query as a basis for another. After all, why reinvent the wheel. It is easy to copy a query, or save the query with a new name either before or after you edit it. Here is the method I usually use to save a query as a model for another query:
  1. Open the original query.
  2. Save the query with a new name by choosing File>>Save As from the menu. I recommend saving the query now so that you do not forgetand save the new query with the old name.
  3. Edit the query and then save it again.
You can also copy a query from the database window by selecting the query, pressing Ctrl-C to copy it and then Ctrl-V to paste it.
Rename the new query by right-clicking and choosing Rename from the shortcut menu.
Learn how to edit your query design.