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Lesson 1

Introduction to Designing and Creating Report in Microsoft Access

Reports are a terrific feature in Access and give you a way to present your data attractively. You can even group and summarize data easily by using the Report Wizard.
  1. After completing this module, you will be able to:
  2. Describe when to use a report
  3. Create a report using the AutoReport feature and the Report Wizard
  4. Navigate the report view
  5. Create mailing labels
  6. Edit and add controls in the Report Design view
  7. Use report sections
  8. Create a calculated control
  9. Add page breaks to a report

Create Reports Manually

Reports often include sets of information that are related to the topic of the report, but not necessarily related to each other.
For example, a report might include information about the production, marketing, and sales activities of a company. Or it might include information about compensation and the pension plan of a company. Each topic is related to a particular aspect of running the business, but the topics do not all fit nicely into the structure of an individual Microsoft Access 2013 report. One solution to this problem is to create separate reports, print them, and store them together in a binder. Another is to save them in electronic format in a folder or on a network. An easier and more sophisticated solution is to combine them by using subreports. In this chapter, you will build a fairly complex report.
You will start by creating the report shell (the main report) manually in Design view.
Then you will modify the layout and content of the shell report. Finally, you will provide detailed information by embedding a subreport within the main report.
Forms and reports are incredibly powerful components of the Access toolset. Access forms enable you to build user interfaces on top of database tables, providing a robust rapid application development platform for many types of organizations. Access reports allow you to easily integrate your database analysis with polished PDFstyle reporting functionality, complete with grouping, sorting, and conditional formatting.